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Upcoming Projects


We have several projects in various stages of development. Here is a smattering of our goings-on:


In pre-production, we have the following projects:

  • Model T Girls (feature film)

Based on a true story, five gutsy women in their twenties drive across a Model-T across depression-era America to the 1939 World’s Fair in New York City.

  • The Conspiracy Project (feature film)

This feature length film explores the absurdity of conspiracies, both real and imagined.

  • You've been Pickled! (feature film)

A mockumentary about the world and culture blooming out of the world's fastest growing sport - Pickleball! We explore the trials and tribulations of real and imagined people, and how pickleball has inexplicably intertwined their lives.


In Production

In production currently, we have the following:

This is a documentary about the healing power of music that is discovered when a group of hard-core criminals decide there is a better way.

The official site for this production is: https://quentinblue.com/