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Lowell Blank (Producer, He/Him) is an experienced producer and executive.

As President of Chicago Pacific Entertainment, Blank produced and developed both studio and independent films, documentaries and commercials with companies such as Walt Disney Studios, Warner Bros., Fox, and others.

Blank was a Producer on the Walt Disney Pictures hit Holes, directed by Andrew Davis, and starring Sigourney Weaver, Jon Voight, and Patricia Arquette.


Blank recently produced the independent film Addict Named Hal, directed by Lane Michael Stanley, a dramatic love story set in the world of drug and alcohol recovery, which made its world premiere at the 2021 Santa Barbara International Film Festival.


He currently has multiple projects in production and development. Blank holds an MFA in Writing and Contemporary Media from Antioch University and aBA in Film and Television from San Diego State University. www.lowellblank.com



When Stanley Yelnats IV (LaBeouf) is wrongfully convicted of stealing, he is sent to 'Camp Green Lake'.


At this camp, the Warden (Weaver), and her two henchman, Mr. Sir (Voight) and Dr. Pendanski (Nelson) command the campmates to endlessly dig holes. But for what reason?


Stanley plans to find out.

The Guardian

Ben Randall is a Coast Guard rescue swimmer. When his crew is killed in an accident and his marriage ends, his commander tells him to go to the US Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer "A" School to train other rescue swimmers.


He encounters a guy named Jake who's a little cocky because he was once a swim champion. So Ben puts him through the wringer to see what he can handle.

Addict Named Hal_poster.jpg
Addict Named Hal

When Amy is sent unwillingly to a halfway house by her mom, she thinks she is different from everyone else - until Hal, a heroin addict returning to the house from jail, convinces her to give recovery a try. But Amy soon learns that her drinking won’t just disappear, and she may have a bigger problem than she thought. This film explores the everyday struggles, joys, and horrors of getting clean.

The Curse of Styria

Lara (Eleanor Tomlinson) and her estranged father, Dr. Hill (Stephen Rea), travel behind the iron curtain to a decrepit castle outside the Hungarian town of Styria.


In the nearby woods, Lara witnesses a car crash. Carmilla, (Julia Pietrucha), escapes from the wreckage as a driver attempts to run her over. When Lara hides this beautiful and mysterious stranger in the castle, the two start an intense and chaotic friendship.

As their relationship deepens, the young women of Styria begin to go mad. When local girls are found dead from apparent suicides, Lara wonders if Carmilla is to blame or is there a darker secret behind the mass hysteria destroying the town.

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